primrose, promised land

so, finally i’ve arrived at san kim’s crib, who is the legendary record don as quoted in some articles in waxpoetics and etc… looking at his craziest collection, i’ve just amazed how deep it could be. it is a record lover’s promised land.

people… even super mint conditioned original copy of soul expedetion record is nothing unusual here. thousands of records in his crate are the things i’ve seen for the first time in my life. (maybe also the last time.) you name it, he has it. in a sealed condition. 

what amazes is that most of records don’t even have any corner-punch outs. everything seems reissue, but still OG. crazy. 

so i’m hittin’ philly, NJ, virginia with him for next a few days. wish me luck!


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5개의 답글 to “primrose, promised land”

  1. !NS Says:


  2. junggigo Says:

    마치 현지인같이 보이는데요 ㅋㅋ 행운을 빌어요!

  3. nat Says:

    time to come back from your so-called soul expedition…
    sob sob….

  4. 칠면조 Says:

    7인치 프린트 클립으로 묶어서 예습 복습!
    역시 형님 쌔운드는 무서운.. 우하하

  5. just a fan.. Says:

    미국으로아주가신거에요? or are you just visiting? 잠시잠수탓다가돌아와보니 so much has changed.. i can’t keep up.. 오랜만에음악들으러찾아갈려고했는데.. 한국에없으시다니.. 괜히습슬하네요 흐흐..

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