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this week’s new finds.

6월 25, 2008

been a busy week after the 360 sounds party last fri.

one good reason living in seoul city: most of 12″s cost just 1$. nothing sorted.

another good reason : nobody cares about brazilian records.

jason gave me this cute slipmat in his last visit to my studio. till today i never realized how cool it is.

360sounds x kitty (check out unfact blog)

she’s the most famous cat in town. 

those 2 albums were slept in a random store in yongsan. costed a bit but still worth having it. you don’t know how much i love the novi singers!

another legendary second hand book store in yongsan.

yeah. this book was waiting for me like 22 years.(this is from ’86) in the pic, that’s what i’m tryin’ to do after posting this.(not that headspin one…)

360 sounds, 20th jun

6월 16, 2008

it’s been a while for me. ready to roll!

weldon irvine – the sisters

6월 8, 2008

took this one at san kim’s house. this is the original drawing for weldon irvine – the sisters, done by san kim.

he also is responsible for the cover artwork of african music machine

losing my contax i4r

6월 8, 2008

it was end of may, on the road to north carolina. my camera fucked up right after i took this.



…yeah it’s gone.

RIP. this one has been my favorite since 2005. time to move back to 28Ti !


6월 6, 2008

it’s so weird(in a good way) but fantastic to have all those people in seoul at the same time. R-16 had invited all those ‘bookshelf’ people. (in pic, brent, B+, joy, jamel)

later that day, B+ wanted to hit some record spots to get some korean records, so we went down to several shops. had a great time talking about brazil, music and brazilian music. also visited our studio and gave us some new releases from mochilla. that day was the official release date of jackson conti. that new madlib + mamao project is just beautiful.

gotta tell dahahm that he really appreciated his pics. man… you are in a totally wrong place now!

his camera looks so cool.

another great thing is brasilian noseflute. you should get one and make some noise with it. get one.

Q&A session with evil monito

6월 1, 2008

just had a Q&A session with evil monito. thanks EM! everytime i mess it up with my broken english, sylvia (EM editor in chief) takes my writings to a whole ‘new level’ rather than just correcting it. be my redpen teacher!