this week’s new finds.

been a busy week after the 360 sounds party last fri.

one good reason living in seoul city: most of 12″s cost just 1$. nothing sorted.

another good reason : nobody cares about brazilian records.

jason gave me this cute slipmat in his last visit to my studio. till today i never realized how cool it is.

360sounds x kitty (check out unfact blog)

she’s the most famous cat in town. 

those 2 albums were slept in a random store in yongsan. costed a bit but still worth having it. you don’t know how much i love the novi singers!

another legendary second hand book store in yongsan.

yeah. this book was waiting for me like 22 years.(this is from ’86) in the pic, that’s what i’m tryin’ to do after posting this.(not that headspin one…)


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4개의 답글 to “this week’s new finds.”

  1. !NS Says:


  2. plastickid Says:

    haha i won’t to show ma gems on blog 🙂 it’s like 일촌공개

  3. shc Says:

    dj soulscape! i came across your music in one of the most interesting places, a closed off network in the ministry of defense, in the air force’s 공감 site….

    i just wanted to say i dig the music, ive been waiting for something deep like this~~

  4. shc Says:

    since you mentioned brazillian music, you should check out os mutantes (although being a DJ you probably know them already)

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