a new hero

jamaica, known for beautiful slower tempo music, is the fastest country in the world now.


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3개의 답글 to “jamaica”

  1. unujnha Says:

    bumbarasta..lord hav mercy…

  2. festiva Says:

    I’m a performance managing team leader of ‘서울대학교 축제하는 사람들’.
    We’ve been Really wanting to invite you (and maybe 360sounds) to our school’s fall festival stage.
    We’re desperate to see you!
    I had no idea how to contact you directly,(not through any management company) so I leave message here

    Please contact me ASAP. Please..

    Chao 🙂

  3. koolkat Says:

    이건 뭐 경기도에서 육상금메달 쓸어간 간지네요. 역시 카리브의 건강함이란 진짜.

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