reck’n shop live from brooklyn (1992)

sung (clae) got me a copy of this documentary… originally filmed as a graduation piece i heard. right? sung-hyungnim is a true OG from planet brooklyn at that time so he would pointing out every crazy parties and spots watching this. it’s a pity that there isn’t anything like that anymore in brooklyn.

anyhow, this documentary depicts the hiphop, house dancers of golden age hiphop era (1992) giving the clue of the birth of street fashion and whatever… infamous ‘polo stadium era’. i still remember kids rocked the same things in seoul at that time. (maybe a few years later…) a trend comes and goes but the style lives forever!

그리고 이것이 요즘 내가 니가 연습하고 있는 바로 그거…

어쩌면 360에서 언오피셜 스크리닝을 할지도 모르겠음…



2개의 답글 to “reck’n shop live from brooklyn (1992)”

  1. seoul86(jerry) Says:

    damn soulscape wuss up this is torres. man i ;eft brooklyn in ’91 and tribe called quest was the rage!!! yeah remembered everything back in the days papi! miss it! good piece!

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