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  1. Elisa Lee Says:

    Is that dog real? The space is beautiful.

  2. Soichiro Saito Says:

    How’ve you been, slscp?
    This is DJ itch1 from Japan. I think you don’t remember me.

    Anyway, where is the rm.360 in Seoul, Korea?? Please give me the address in English.

    Check this-> http://djitch1.seesaa.net/

    Big up

    • djsoulscape Says:

      hi! i remember we met quite a few years ago… right? good to see you again.

      the address is

      seoul, so-cho-gu, bangbae-3-dong 985-11 1F RM360

      it’s located at quiet, residential area, so it could be a bit hard to find…

      anyway, thanks !

  3. Soichiro Saito Says:

    Thanks, slscp!
    yeah yeah, I’m realy happy you remember me.

    and.. if you have a time, please check my new sound.

    A way of Samurai / DJ itch1 (http://soundcloud.com/djitch1/dj-itch1)
    or if you go to my blog site (http://djitch1.seesaa.net/), the sound is started playing.

    have a nice sound weekend!

  4. @seoulcc Connie Heo Says:

    address in korean please? wanna drop by this week

    • djsoulscape Says:

      서울 서초구 방배3동 985-11 번지 1층 rm360

      thanks. the business hour may vary so you may call 02-3474-0360 or mention @room360 before you make a visit!

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